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Here are this week’s picks – for some reason the Fulham v Wigan game has been replaced by Cardiff v Swansea ?

Arsenal v Wolves
Birmingham v Liverpool
Bolton v Aston Villa
Burnley v Man City
Everton v West Ham
Man Utd v Chelsea
Portsmouth v Blackburn
Stoke v Hull
Sunderland v Tottenham
Cardiff v Swansea

Beat that Mr Lawrenson.

Pools Update

Its Saturday morning again so time for a quick recap on last weeks efforts, and some predictions for this week.

Last week was a mixed bag with defeat for the tooth fairy and a perfect score on Home wins

Draws: 2/10 Cheltenham, Queen of the South

Homes: 5/5 Arsenal, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Norwich, Celtic

Aways: 2/5 Man Utd, Rangers

Here’s the predictions for this week

Draws: Burton, Bradford, Burnley, Hull, Leyton Orient, Hearts, Bristol Rovers, Barnet, Dagenham & Redbridge, Doncaster

Homes: Chelsea, Rangers, Tottenham, Man Utd, Dundee

Aways: Celtic, Charlton, Leeds, Man City, Rochdale

Candy Floss & The Tooth Fairy

Megan is particularly attached to her teeth, and has been cultivating a couple of wobbly ones for some months now – strategic chewing and tooth brushing mean that a bit like a Weeble, they wobble but they dont fall out. At least not until last night.

After the parade we were wandering the village making the most of the free wine and shortbread when Megan spotted the Candy Floss stall, and managed to twist Grandad’s arm for a bag. Unfortunately for Megan the second mouthful grabbed hold of one of the wobblies and managed to turn it right round –  ‘I can feel the smooth bit from round the front at the back with tongue!’ to quote Megan. Although she did say it with a bit of a lisp and one or two tears, which is little harder to convey using the written word.

Unfortunately for Mum and Dad the tooth was still wedged between its neighbours and not for falling out of its own accord – and Megan was all for turning it round and shoving it back in. However as a life of soup through a straw loomed, a judicious flick of the toothbrush (‘I promise I wont go near the wobbly one’ – guess she’ll not fall for that again) saw said tooth fly across the room.

The Tooth Fairy left five pounds under the pillow last night (and in the middle of a credit crunch too), but this time it did at least manage to make off with the tooth – I think it’s got designs on the other wobbly one though.

As promised here’s the predictions for this weekend :

Draws: Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Hartlepool, Tranmere, Walsall, Aldershot, Cheltenham, Partick Thistle, Queen of the South

Homes: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Norwich, Celtic

Aways: Liverpool (might regret that one), Chelsea, Man Utd, West Brom, Rangers

Wobbly Teeth: Tooth Fairy

Only time will tell…


Just a quicky for this weeks pools predictions – to get them in before 3pm.

Draws: Arsenal, Motherwell, Kilmarnock, Santander, Wigan, Sp Gijon, Aston Villa, Derby, Plymouth, Scunthorpe

Homes: Man City, Sevilla, Celtic, Valencia, Hibernian

Aways: Man Utd, Rangers, AC Milan, Juventus, West Brom

An update on the week’s events will follow soon!

Football Pools

The old Football Pools companies (Littlewoods, Vernons, Zetters etc) have all joined together and rebranded themselves as the New Football Pools – and they’ve even got themselves a website.

You can enter online and they will check how you did and email you your score – there’s also Spot The Ball and several other new games you can play (Super 6 – pick the results of just 6 games or Premier 10 – pick the results of all the Premiership games).

Here’s my suggestions for this weekend’s games

Draws: Coventry, Airdrie Utd, Oldham, Arbroath, Hull, Birmingham, Barnsley, Southampton, Stockport, Motherwell

Homes: Chelsea, Rangers, Manchester Utd, Millwall, Chesterfield

Aways: Arsenal, Leeds, Bournemouth, Charlton, QPR

If I’m organised enough i’ll try do this each week – and keep track of how badly I’m doing.

Of course  if I actually manage to pick 8 score draws then there may not be any updates at all for a week or two…