The New Play House

Well the missing bits arrived on Friday so Sunday afternoon was spent constructing the new play house with Uncle Darren’s assistance. It went up fairly easily although it was dark by the time the slide was attached and we had to leave the swing until next week. It looks pretty good although nothing was quite square, and the quality of some of the timber left a little to be desired – nothing that will stop Megan from enjoying though I’m sure. We’ll post some pictures soon – probably when we’ve attached the swing.

There weren’t too many injuries sustained along the way, just a couple of splinters and a hammered thumb – and a bumped head and bashed knee for Megan as she flew head first out of the patio door trying to be the first person down the slide.

It was another sucessful weekend on the sporting front too, with the Reds winning 1-0 against Man City (sorry Jim!) and Clydesdale Vs winning 2-1 against Glasgow Academy at the aptly named Windy Edge playing fields. Just a shame the Champions League game on Wednesday ended with a soft goal conceded to Benfica – I’m sure they can turn round in the second leg next week though, as long as one of the strikers remembers where the goal is…

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