Twenty20 Ashes

England and Australia play the first international match of this Ashes summer with a Twenty20 match at the Rose Bowl in Hampshire this evening.

It’s the first international Twenty20 match to be played in this country, and probably won’t have much bearing on the Test series which starts next month, but should still be entertaining.

If it doesn’t rain…

Country of the Blind

Although there can be little doubt that this book was written in the Scotland in the mid nineties – the contempt for the Tory Government of the time simply drips from the pages – it’s still a right good read.

Whilst the author’s sense of humour is probably an acquired taste and the narrative jars a little at times, the plot is fast paced and full of twists and turns that keep you interested until the end.

It’s the first book I’ve read by Christopher Brookmyre and I’d give it a three out of five – certainly worth searching out some of his other titles…

Finally Woken

Whilst the similarities are obvious, this debut album from Jem Griffiths is actually far more adventurous than anything Dido has produced to date.

Although the album seems to run out of steam a bit towards the end you’ll be humming the title track after one listen and ’24’ is a cracker.

Apparently she’s already big in the US having been featured on The OC (whatever that is – Angela can fill you in) and this effort definitely merits four stars. 😀


We’re looking at setting up a website for the Nursery and Mambo looks like a good bet for the software to run it.

Mambo is an open source Content Management System and whilst it seems able to do just about anything, it doesn’t look too complicated to install and administer – watch this space…

The Gala Day

For a change the Scottish weather didn’t let us down! It was raining all morning, a wee bright spell around lunch time and then rain for about half an hour, but the rest of the day was sunny.

Megan and I had mud up to our knees! We managed to raise £197 doing face painting, tatoos and selling crisps, sweets and juice. To say we are all knackered is an understatement.

Megan had an absolute ball, there was about 6 bouncy castles and tunnels and toys to play with, she came back with an inflatable hammer, which managed to engage with my head…

West Kilbride Gala Day

Today is the West Kilbride Gala Day and the mums are running a stall to raise funds for the nursery.

Unfortunately it’s absolutely pouring down at the moment – lets hope it blows over or the whole thing could be a bit of a washout… 🙁

White Box Linux

To run the latest versions of Oracle on Linux requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 for which there is no free download – you have to pay for support and it’s not cheap.

Fortunately as the software is still GPL an number of ‘clones’ are available that provide essentially the same thing, they just have to remove all reference to Red Hat before they can make it available.

I’ve just installed White Box Linux 4 on an old machine, and then Oracle on top of that without any problems at all.

All the security updates that will be made to the Red Hat release are duplicated for White Box so it’s a excellent way to get the software without having to pay for it – having said that of course there’s no support so if it doesn’t work for you then you’re on your own!

78000 Miles

My car’s been in for a service today, and fortunately they didn’t find too much wrong despite the 78000 miles that are on the clock.

A good job done by Parks Volvo in Ayr, even if they were a bit late picking it up this morning – it was returned serviced (and as clean as its ever been!) before they’d even rung up to ask for payment.