A new stick and a swim

The first match of the season on Saturday highlighted the need for a new hockey stick, the old one’s not broken yet but it’s definitely on its last legs! I’ve ordered a new Grays GX4000 Turbo (apparently it does around thirty to the gallon) from Barrington Sports and a new pair of astro trainers, so we’ll see if they’ll do the trick next weekend.

We all took advantage of the pool at the Hydro today – Megan had a good splash round with her armbands on and I managed a few lengths, just need to make it a regular thing now…

Spurs 0 – 0 Liverpool

A good game but no goals at White Hart Lane, with Liverpool keeping their unbeaten start to the season (they’re still to concede a goal in the Premiership). The away form is an improvement on last season, but they’ve only scored one goal in three games so that’s still a bit of a worry.

In other sporting news, the big hockey comback resulted in defeat at Stepps by a single goal – we defended well in the first half but conceded a sloppy goal early in the second and despite good pressure towards the end we couldn’t find an equaliser.

Darren & Elaine came round and babysat for us last night, so we had a night on the tiles at the Lounge in Largs with Alan & Audrey (Megan’s pal Heather’s mum & dad) – a good time was had by all, even if getting up this morning was a little harder than usual…

The Ashes, A Visit and Other Stuff

Final test starts today and Paul Collingwood’s been named as the replacement for the injured Simon Jones – should be a cracker.

Megan’s off to nursery this morning but Auntie Ina and Uncle Dennis are coming down later today so we were all excited about that and none too keen on going.

Daddy’s filled in his medical form and had his mugshot taken for the gym, so there’s no excuse not taking advantage of the facilites – and the first hockey game of the season (probably the year actually) will be on Saturday so Sunday could be a bit of a write off…

How much?

The new remote control turned up at Park’s Volvo in Ayr yesterday so I took the car down to get it synced in with the existing one – it’s all working finally, but they stung us for the best part of a hundred quid for the privilege. I just hope the old one doesn’t turn up!

We’ve joined the gym at the Seamill Hydro – well Angela’s joined the gym, I’m just in it for the pool – so I’ll need to go along and get my mugshot taken for the membership card. The new hockey season started last weekend too – I missed the first game picking up my dad’s car – so I can feel a sudden burst of exercise coming on in the next few weeks…

Auto Trader

My dad’s car is now advertised on AutoTrader so we’ll see if we get any interest – I’ve paid for two weeks in the magazine and three on the website so fingers crossed.

It was a bit of a scorcher today so I ended up cutting the grass (first time in over a month so it was getting a bit long) rather than washing the cars, which is now a job for tomorrow – also managed to put up a new blackout blind in Megan’s room, to try and keep her in bed a bit longer in the morning…

Rover 75 anyone?

A lift to Glasgow central, two trains, a bus and a 10 minute walk got me to my dad’s house this afternoon to pick up his car.

Driving back took roughly the same amount of time as getting there, and was considerably more tiring (the seats in a Rover 75 aren’t anywhere near as comfy as the ones in the Volvo!) but at least I can advertise it for sale now. I’ll give it a good clean tomorrow and then stick it on the Auto Trader website and see what happens.

Angela and Megan spent the day with Aunty Kimberley and baby Rory, but the little princess was long asleep by the time I got home – no doubt she’ll wake me up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to tell me all about it… 🙂

We’re back…

It’s been a difficult few weeks, but things are starting to get back to some semblance of normality.

The Probate application has been sent and the house partially cleared so we can put it on the market. I’ve been working onsite at Glasgow Housing Association all week and tomorrow I’m going down to Runcorn on the train in order to pick up my dad’s car and drive it back to Scotland.

Megan’s started at the West Kilbride School nursery – she’s in the ante-pre-school class every morning – Angela managed to lose the remote control for the Volvo and Parks in Ayr managed to order the wrong replacement so we’re still using the spare.

Robert Bamber

My dad passed away on Sunday, after a long illness – he will be sorely missed.

The funeral will be held at the All Saints Parish Church in Runcorn on Monday 15th August at 1:00pm, so updates to this site may be a little thin on the ground over the next week or two…