Margaret Williams

We’ve finally got the birth certificates for John and William Holmes from the Holmes family we found living in Bebington on the 1871 census – and it’s at least confirmed that we’ve definitely got the right family.

Unfortunately it’s shown their mother’s maiden name to be Margaret Williams – and as just about all we know about her is that she was born somewhere in Wales (there’ll not be that many Williams in Wales will there?) around 1827 (conveniently before the start of Civil Registration) this could turn into a bit of a dead end. The only possible lead we have is the eldest son on the 1871 census – Ellis Holmes.

He’s listed as 23 years of age, which is only 13 years younger than William Holmes – which would suggest to me that he maybe William wasn’t the father!

He’s also shown as being born in Wales like his mum, and is listed as ‘Crippled from Birth’ – which may explain why Margaret left Wales and married a labourer from the Wirral.

After a length search I can find no Ellis Holmes on the index of births, but there is an Ellis Williams registered in Carnarvon (born on Angelsey) at around the right time. It could be a completely different Ellis, but it’s probably worth sending for the certificate to find out…

Oracle 9i Certification

Possibly not the best day to take an exam, but I managed to pass the Oracle 9i New Features exam this morning – although it turns out I didn’t know as much about the new features as I thought. 😀

There’s a new testing centre opening in Glasgow at the end of the month – at Eclectic – but unfortunately I had to go all the way to Edinburgh for the 90 minute exam. At least the weather was nice and the traffic wasn’t too bad… 1Mbps ADSL

About 12 months too late have finally promised to upgrade our ADSL connection to 1Mbps, but in the process have placed a 20Gb per month cap on the service.

If migrating to another ISP wasn’t such a painful process I’d be off in search of a better deal, as it is they’ve probably managed a stay of execution – but maybe not for long…

WordPress 1.5.1

Just upgraded the WordPress software that’s running this website to the latest version – WordPress 1.5.1.

It’s mainly bug fixes so you won’t notice much difference, althought the list of Categories on the left is now sorted alphabetically like it should have been in the first place!

Waiting for the Siren’s Call

The new album from New Order – Waiting for the Siren’s Call – is more Republic than Substance, with lots of good tunes but nothing that’s going to set the world alight.

Seems it was enough to get them the warmup gig for Coldplay at Glastonbury though – or maybe they’re just hoping they’ll play Blue Monday?

Worth a listen if you thought 1987 was a good year, but don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed – only three stars for this one. 🙂

Fleshmarket Close

Ian Rankin’s Fleshmarket Close is the latest installment in the Inspector John Rebus novels – and is well worth a read.

Rankin weaves so many seemingly unrelated threads through the book and somehow manages to tie them together at the end – the sister of a dead rape victim is missing; stolen medical skeletons turn up embedded in a concrete floor; a Kurdish journalist is brutally killed; the son of a Glasgow ganglord has moved in to the Edinburgh vice scene.

If you’ve not read any of the Rebus novels then start with Knots & Crosses and read them all – there’s not a bad one amongst them. 😀

Sarah Ellen Cross

The first signs of something out of the ordinary on my mum’s branch of the tree have surfaced.

Her maternal grandmother, Sarah Ellen Cross, was believed to be the daughter of Richard Cross and Sarah Burgess – and indeed on her marriage certificate she gives Richard Cross as the name of her father.

However on the 1881 census, whilst she appears living with Richard & Sarah Cross in Lostock Gralam near Northwich, she is listed as Richard’s niece – and her birthplace is given as Manchester.

Richard & Sarah and all their offspring where born in several small villages around Northwich – Lostock Gralam, Lach Dennis & Nether Peover – there’s certainly no indication they ever made it as far as Manchester.

Searching the index of births I’ve found a Sarah Ellen Cross born in Chorlton in 1873 – it may not be our Sarah but she’s the right age so we’ll have to send for the Birth Certificate to find out.

Arsenal 3 – 1 Liverpool

With more than one eye firmly on Istanbul Liverpool never really looked like getting the win that would have kept the chase for fourth spot going for another couple of days at least.

There’s not much doubt that Everton deserve their fourth place finish, and we’ll have to improve on the away form next season if we want to compete for the title.